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Welcome to Grant Patent Services.

Welcome to Grant Patent Services, an intellectual property law firm based in the Washington, D.C. area. We specialize in the searching, prosecution, and licensing of patent and trademark applications. In addition, we provide litigation support and discovery services. We are prepared to meet your IP needs no matter how large or small. 
Our patent experience ranges from mechanical, chemical, electrical, biological to computer, software, and business method areas.

Our searching capabilities include infringement, validity, novelty, state of the art, and collection studies.

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The Grant Patent Services Advantage.

At Grant Patent Services, we provide the same outstanding patenting and trademark, and copyright legal services of a large law firm, but deliver them at more cost-effective rates and with closer attention to your specific IP needs.

As a patent attorney, the firm principal, Jonathan E. Grant, has the advantage of having a better understanding of KSR and obviousness issues than most patent searchers.

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