• Pharmaceutical products
  • Medical devices, biomedical instrumentation, and diagnostic assays, kits, and packaging
  • Consumer appliances
  • Chemical processes, reagents, specialty chemicals, resins and plastics, coatings, petroleum products, lubricants, detergents, fire retardant materials, and chromatography chemicals and equipment
  • Automotive components
  • Sports equipment
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Communication devices and systems
  • Toys
  • Photocopying equipment, inks, and toners
  • Business methods
  • General mechanical, electrical, and electronic devices

Additional litigation support services:

  • Reviewing discovery materials for relevant documents
  • Drafting patent motions
  • Authentication and legalization of documents
  • Obtaining file histories
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​Matters for which we have drafted patent applications and searched invention disclosures include:

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